The Dean of Students Office recognizes the detrimental impact that one seemingly minor financial emergency can have on a student’s ability to continue their education. As a result, The University of Massachusetts Amherst Student Care and Emergency Response Fund Microgrant Program and the Foster Student Success Fund Grant were created.

These programs provide small microgrants of up to $500 to matriculated undergraduate and graduate students for unexpected financial emergencies. Common reasons students apply for the grant might include: a car repair, unexpected medical bill, food, or rent assistance.

The Dean of Students Office staff administratively manages the program while the microgrant applications are reviewed by a committee comprised of UMass staff members. A student may only receive one microgrant per academic year. The microgrant does not have to be repaid.

Microgrants are made possible by generous donations to the Student Care and Emergency Response Fund and Foster Student Success Fund


More information regarding eligibility for the microgrant can be found on the application form. How to apply? Submit the Microgrant Application to the Dean of Students Office via email at doso@umass.edu. *Please make sure you download the form in Adobe and save it to your computer before you input information. This is done to prevent disclosure of personal information.