Marijuana - Get Help

 How will I know when my use of marijuana becomes a problem?  How much is too much?

  • When your use of marijuana begins to get in the way of daily life it is a sign to check in about your use.
  • Ask yourself these questions to see if your use is too much for you:
    • Does your smoking negatively affecting your academics?
      • Are you missing classes?
      • Are your grades dropping?
      • Are you not caring about your grades or classes?
    • Is your use interfering with relationships?
    • Is your need to get high stopping you from doing other things you used to enjoy?
    • Is your marijuana use impacting your memory?
    • Are you more tired than you would like to be?
    • Do you ever feel guilty about using marijuana?
    • Is your used impacting your budget?
    • Do you need to smoke to go to sleep?
    • Do you need to smoke more to get high?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions it is a sign that your marijuana use may be getting in the way of your everyday life.
  • Consider checking out one of the resources below.

 Where can I go to talk about my marijuana use?

There are many resources for you here at UMass Amherst where you can explore your marijuana use in a supportive non-judgmental environment. 

 UMatter at UMass

  • UMatter at UMass is about creating a campus community of care, compassion, connection and active engagement.  Make the most of your time here by asking for help when you need it, stepping up to help others and using – or guiding friends to use- available support resources. 
  • If you are concerned about a friend’s use of marijuana or other drugs say something to them, encourage them to seek above resources or call one of those resources and make an appointment to talk with someone to get support for yourself so you can better support your friend.