Faculty Notification

Information on Class Absences

Students are advised to review the University Policy on Class Absence before contacting the Dean of Students Office regarding a faculty notification for a class absence. Further, students are advised to review the course syllabus for the class regarding class absences.

Student are also advised that any decision to adjust the course requirements or excuse a student from class is at the faculty member's discretion. The Dean's office staff cannot compel a faculty member to allow a student to miss classes, the opportunity to submit late course work, or reschedule missed exams/tests.

Faculty Notification

If a student knows they will be absent from class, or unable to complete coursework the students should email, and/or speak with their faculty as soon as possible.

When the student is unable to contact the faculty member because of emergency circumstances beyond the student’s control (i.e hospitalization), in cases of bereavement, or highly sensitive matters, the student or someone who is supporting the student should contact the Dean of Students Office at 413-545-2684. The Dean's staff will contact the faculty member on the student's behalf.


Students are encouraged to obtain medical and/or personal documentation when a class absence or exception to the stated deadlines for the course are going to be requested. The Dean of Students Office can be a confidential recipient of medical and/or personal documentation. Students may share this documentation with their faculty member as needed.

Assistance working with Faculty

If a student encounters difficulty working with a faculty member regarding class absences please contact the Dean of Students Office.