Picketing Code

  1. All students, undergraduate and graduate, have a right to demonstrate on university premises provided, however, that no such demonstration shall be permissible which for any reason of time, place, or type of behavior materially disrupts class work or other university business, or involves substantial disorder or invasion of the rights of others.
  2. Campus buildings are for university business. Any form of demonstration that interferes with university business in office or classroom spaces is a violation of this Code.
  3. Students are prohibited from blocking free entry to or free exit from buildings, interfering with free movement, or presenting obstacles to regular university activities. "Interfering with free movement" is defined as any physical denial or restriction of a person's ability to freely reach or leave a given geographical area, or harassment as defined in the Code of Student Conduct. "Obstacles" are defined as physical devices, bodies, or signs which cause interference with free movement, or sounds which prevent normal aural communication.
  4. There shall be no interference with demonstrations on the grounds of content of speech, except for any speech or demonstration which incites immediate, violent action and represents a clear and present danger to the campus community, which shall be a violation of this Code.
  5. No student shall intentionally and substantially interfere with the freedom of expression of another person on university premises or at university sponsored activities.
  6. Failure to cease any activity in violation of this Code immediately following either written or oral notice by a university official shall also be a violation of this Code.
  7. Any violation of this Code may subject a student to expulsion from the university or such lesser sanction(s) as may be deemed appropriate by the university.

(Revised 2/2005)