Dean of Students Collaborative

The Dean of Students Collaborative is made up of the following departments:

Our Mission in The Dean of Students Collaborative: 

We work with students and provide them with direction as they transition and navigate the university community and systems. We advocate for students individually and systemically.

Our Values in The Dean of Students Collaborative: 

We strive to live out these values with excellence: 

Student Centered: We endeavor to know students by name and story. We are committed to the success of every student. Our focus is on the impact our work has on students. 

Integrity: We have a commitment to honesty, transparency, and high standards in our work and in our interactions with students and their families, our colleagues, and other partners. 

Innovation: To enhance the effectiveness of our work and our ability to meet current and emerging student needs, we regularly explore new ideas, processes, services, and technology. We think openly and creatively about new ways to respond to issues and challenges by creating and constructing opportunities and processes to meet our student needs. 

Collaboration: We are committed to partnering with students, faculty, staff, and community members to collectively make the University community a positive living and learning environment. We encourage shared leadership in decision-making. We believe our work and ability to serve students is enhanced when we (individuals and offices) work together toward a shared vision of student development, engagement, and success.  

Professional Development: The success of our collaborative depends upon having a talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic team. We actively create an environment of coaching and support for professionals at all levels of our organization. We understand that our future work depends on the development of our team and strive for our staff feeling both challenged and fulfilled in their work.