Morrill Courtyard Utilities
Morrill Courtyard Utilities

The University identified deficiencies and deterioration in the steam and underground utility systems in the corridor between Morrill II and IV.   This extensive project addressed structurally deficient manholes, deteriorated asbestos-insulated steam lines, and non-code compliant rails and accessibility deficiencies to the Morrill Buildings.

Project Scope

  • Steam system replacement included a walkable tunnel. Installation of a walkable tunnel will improve future maintenance and protect the investment of the surface upgrades to the courtyard.
  • Provided a new tunnel exhaust fan system.
  • Provided electrical and telecom improvements from Stockbridge Circle through the courtyard, and provided spare conduit for future expansion of these systems.
  • Stormwater system improvements.  A new stormwater management system was installed including new yard drains, catch basins and surface collection inlets.
  • Water line addition.  To provide redundancy and alternative service to the Morrill Science Center from Stockbridge Road and North Pleasant Street water mains, a new loop connection has been made through the basement of Morrill II.
  • Hazardous materials abatement.  The pre-existing steam lines had asbestos-containing materials that required abatement, as did the exterior of the steam manholes, building foundations and electrical duct banks.

The project also included the following surface and landscape improvements:

  • Barrier-free accessible pathways to building entrances and courtyard space from North Pleasant Street.
  • Improved pedestrian flow – to serve as an eastern gateway from North Pleasant Street to the Stockbridge Corridor.
  • Larger and more functional gathering spaces and seating.
  • Safety improvements – lighting and code-compliant walkways and stairways.
  • Increased visibility from North Pleasant Street.
  • Aesthetic enhancements included new plantings, green screens, and incorporation of boulder specimens from UMass Geosciences.