The John Francis Kennedy Champions Center
John Francis Kennedy Champions Center

Project Description

Prominently located south of the Mullins Center, the new John Francis Kennedy Champions Center is both striking and welcoming. It is designed to be a compatible and respectful neighbor to the Mullins Center and Student Recreation Center while making the most of its exquisite site and incredible views. Its massing, fenestration, palette of materials, and sustainable design features reflect its mission and the uniqueness of its surrounds. Its transparent facades harvest natural light and offer visual access to the branding inside.

Our goal was to create a state-of-the-art basketball practice facility for the UMass's men's and women's programs that attracts the nation's and world's best recruiting prospects. The Champions Center provides a very special place for the UMass basketball legacy and will always be loved for its memories. The Champions Center practice facility houses not only multiple practice courts for the men's and women's varsity basketball teams, but also provides a venue for occasioned training camps and intramural events.  The facility is connected to the existing Mullins Arena by an enclosed linking corridor allows immediate access between the two buildings at half-time and game days.  New locker facilities, strength training area, nutritional and multi-purpose area, sports medicine, and coaching offices round out the majority of the building's program.  The facility includes a legacy hall dedicated to the rich history of basketball in the past as well as for the future.  The interior design strengthens the existing program and serves as a tool for marketing and recruitment for competing athletes considering peer institutions. The building design is also sensitive to the University's needs and incorporates a new method of accessing the existing intramural playing fields by a new ramp and stair.  The building also provides new secure restrooms for the fields as well as a new upper level plaza for addressing pedestrians and the many events that frequent the Mullins Center.  The entire facility and access to the intramural field is handicap accessible.  

Project Program

•    Ground Floor Program Areas: 
•    Men's Basketball Courts
•    Women's Basketball Courts
•    Locker Rooms (Men's and Women's)
•    Team Lounges (Men's and Women's)
•    Sports Medicine Suite with Hydrotherapy
•    Strength & Conditioning Area
•    Agility Area
•    Equipment Room
•    Laundry Room
•    Team Film Room
•    Nutrition and Multi-purpose area
•    Coaches Locker Area (Men's and Women's)
•    Building Support Spaces
•    Restrooms
•    Elevator
•    Second Floor (Commonwealth Avenue level) Program Areas:
•    Main Entry and Foyer
•    VIP Lounge
•    Kitchenette
•    Coaches Office Suite (Men's and Women's)
•    Staff Restrooms (Men's and Women's)
•    Conference Room (Men's and Women's)
•    Mechanical Room
•    Plaza to Commonwealth Avenue

Sustainable Design Efforts

The project is energy efficient and environmentally sustainable as part of the University's commitment.  The new Champions Center is pursuing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification under the Version 3 (2009) New Construction rating system at no lower than Silver Level.  Some of the current LEED Credits the project is targeting include:

•    Sustainable Sites (All Prerequisites Plus the Following)
•    Development Density & Community Connectivity
•    Alternative Transportation
•    Site Development - Maximize Open Space
•    Stormwater Design - Quality Control
•    Heat Island Effect - Non-roof
•    Water Efficiency (All Prerequisites Plus the Following)
•    Water Efficient Landscaping - No Potable Water Use or Irrigation
•    Water Use Reduction - Reduce by 30%
•    Energy & Atmosphere (All Prerequisites Plus the Following)
•    Solar ready construction for possible rooftop array
•    Solar thermal water preheating preparation
•    Optimize Energy Performance - Improve by 18%
•    Enhanced Commissioning
•    Measurement & Verification
•    Materials & Resources (All Prerequisites Plus the Following)
•    Construction Waste Management - > 75% Recycled or Salvaged
•    Recycled Content - > 35% of Content
•    Regional Materials - >40% of Materials
•    Certified Wood
•    Indoor Environmental Quality (All Prerequisites Plus the Following)
•    Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring
•    Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan - Both Credits
•    Low-Emitting Materials - All 4 Credits
•    Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control
•    Controllability of Systems - Lighting
•    Thermal Comfort - Design & Verification
•    Innovation in Design
•    Low Mercury and/or LED lighting
•    Green Cleaning
•    Green Education