In Construction

Student Union Renovation
The $62 million renovation project will revitalize the facility as a modern hub for student activity and interaction, and reconnect the building to its surrounding natural landscape. As a “global campus living room,” the design will embrace student entrepreneurship, organizations, and events to support collaboration, multidisciplinary learning, and leadership.  Completion is targeted for fall, 2020.
Campus Core Utilities, Landscaping and Accessibility
A comprehensive upgrade to the center of campus from the new Worcester Commons to the Student Union. Completion is targeted for fall, 2020.

Westover Aviation Center

The 8,500 square foot off-campus location will explore greater opportunities through increased collaboration between the University, private industry and the government. State-of-the-art 360 degree air traffic control tower simulator contains additional support space for open-office administrative workstations, classroom learning, and conferencing.