Ellis Way
Campus Core Utilities, Landscaping and Accessibility


The Campus Core Utilities, Landscaping and Accessibility Project is a comprehensive upgrade to the center of campus from the new Worcester Commons to the Student Union.  The $32M project includes waterproofing underground levels of the Campus Center Garage, area utility improvements, new hard scape and landscape designs, and the re-establishment of Ellis Way as a main pedestrian corridor.  Most pathways in the area will also be brought into ADA compliance.

Construction began in May, 2019. In order to minimize impact to the campus, the work is being doen in phases, beginning with nine utility construction phases running through mid-December, 2019.  After the major utility work is completed, another series of phased work to affect hard scape and landscape will continue through the spring and summer of 2020, with substantial completion expected for the fall semester of 2020.  Improvements to this corridor are intended to coincide with the completion of work on both the Worcester Commons at the north end and the Student Union at the south.

Due to the phased nature of construction, work areas will be dynamic, with fence lines (along with pedestrian detours) moving as often as week-to-week.  Pathways will be clearly marked, but caution is strongly advised.  Intermittent constriction noise may also be a factor, especially at or near academic buildings.  Unacceptable noise levels should be reported to the 24/7 Facilities Solution Center at 545-6401.

Current fence lines for the week of December 31, 2019 (you may need to refresh your browser to view the most current map):

Fence lines for the week of 12/31/19

Project Orientation Video (UMass Amherst FCS YouTube channel):

FCS Project Orientation