Support Women of Color Leadership Network

Come to an Event

We are always looking for participants, audience members and all-around wonderful people to come to our events. Please come and support us!

Sponsor an Event 

We always appreciate any extra support we can get. If you or your organization are interested in collaborating with us on a new event or one we have planned, please contact us.

Image of WOCLN Staff

Join Our Staff: Become a Student Intern 

If you are an undergraduate college student, or graduate student we would love for you to intern with us. Being a part of our staff is a great way to become acquainted with students of color, to work on something you believe in, and to have a valuable and educational work experience. We have various projects, events, and programs that our interns work on. If you are interested in becoming a student intern, please contact us. 


Volunteering with WOCLN is a great and rewarding way to learn about the network, the programs we offer, and issues that affect women and non-binary people of color globally. We are always looking for help with various events. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us.

Stop by Our Office 

Come visit us! Check our hours and come meet our staff and learn more about our services. Or simply come over if you need a quiet and supportive space to relax or do your homework.

Love and Appreciate Yourself! 

Revolution begins with you. A great way to support WOCLN is by aligning yourself with our mission. Loving and appreciating yourself, while caring and supporting the well-being of all women of color is a huge accomplishment.

Strive to Ally!

Allyship is an everyday learning process, encompassing a series of actions and choices. It  involves being open to understanding the oppression affecting communities of color and one’s own privilege and role in maintaining the cycle of oppression. Allyship is a lifelong process; challenge yourself to continually listen, learn and act. We welcome you in this journey!