Sexual Assault Information for UMass Students

If something has just happened to you or you are needing assistance with something from your past, you are not alone. We can support you. Call our trained counselors anytime of the day or night.  Your call is confidential.

Here's What You Can Do:

Call an Advocate   Call An Advocate

Seek Medical Help   Seek Medical Help

Reporting Options   Learn About Reporting Options

It’s hard to know what to do, how to feel, or what your options are after a sexual assault. How you might be feeling

Further Information For:

Reach Out / Call an Advocate

24X7 Helpline1. Sexual Assault Support & Advocacy (SASA) Hotline 180 Infirmary Way, UMass Amherst MA 01003  (413)545-0800; toll free (888)337-0800

The SASA Hotline provides 24 hours, 7 days/week free and confidential support services to people of all genders and gender identities who experience rape; sexual assault; childhood sexual abuse; stalking; domestic violence; emotional, psychological and verbal abuse including the friends and families of those affected. Services are available to community members, other Five College students, staff and faculty.  CWC is not a Title IX reporter.

Learn more about what CWC Sexual Assault Support & Advocacy Services can offer you

2. Dean of Students Office (DOSO)  Whitmore Administration Building, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA 01003  (413) 545-2684 -

The Dean of Students Office is involved with issues that occur both on and off campus. Students can seek support regardless of where an incident occurred – including incidents that occur while studying abroad. Students do not have to file a complaint  or discuss details of the event to request assistance from DOSO.  DOSO reviews complaints of acts of violence and decides if a conduct process will be initiated. Students found responsible of violating the Sexual Misconduct Policy can face a separation from the University.   **In certain cases DOSO may initiate a conduct process without a student’s consent if it is deemed a risk for the campus community.

Seek Medical Help

If you were sexually assaulted within the last 5 days you have these immediate choices:

1. Obtain a free sexual assault exam (SANE kit) and evidence collection.

DNA evidence must be collected within five days of an assault. Medical assistance can be accessed at any time.  You do not need to report to the police in order to have this exam. To obtain a free sexual assault exam (SANE kit) you can go to one of the following locations:

University Health Services (UHS) and/or Emergency room services are confidential; not Title IX reporters. When someone reports a sexual assault at UHS and/or Emergency room services they are given the option to speak with a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) who is specially qualified to complete an Evidence Collection Kit (SANE Kit) with the survivor. These exams are always free.

2.  Get/Obtain treatment to prevent pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections. 

  • Emergency Contraception can help prevent pregnancy up to five days (120 hours) after the assault.
  • Treatment to prevent sexually transmitted infections and testing are available at Planned Parenthood, Tapestry Health Services and your primary care provider.

Understanding Your Reporting Options

 Our confidential advocates can help you determine what you would like to do.  Students who decide to report can go through both processes or choose just one.  Learn about your rights as a victim and the University's responsibilities to prevent, respond, and investigate sexual and relationship violence: Title IX at UMass.

1.  Dean of Students Office

Students can report this incident to Dean of Student’s Office (DOSO).  DOSO would then discuss reporting options and resources with the students. DOSO  would review the report to determine if a conduct process can be initiated. If initiated, perpetrator would receive a notice to meet with a Dean to review the report and alleged code of conduct violation(s).   All individuals involved have the right to have an advisor present to provide support.  Survivors would be engaged with the process and notified regarding the final outcome.

2.  Mass Legal System

Students can report a sexual assault directly to UMass Police Department (UMPD).  There you can speak with a Civilian Advocate from CWC who can serve as a confidential resource to you and review your options with you before reporting. A detective will take a statement/report from the survivor about what happened and send the report to the District Attorney's office who would decide if charges could be pressed.