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Welcome to our online database of human services available within Hampshire County. If you need a service and are unable to find it here, or would like assistance from our specially trained staff, please call our office. We’ll be glad to connect you to the resources you need.

We strive to offer accurate resources and recognize that available services are constantly changing. In the event you find outdated or incorrect information, or if you are aware of a service we should include in our database, you could click here to add or update an agency or support group, and we’ll get back to you. we appreciate you letting us know. Please refer to our database Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria to verify eligibility of listings.

Together, we can connect people to needed resources.

A Full Circle Adoptions

Offers co-parent and step-parent adoptions, adoption-related services to expectant-parents and adoptive parents throughout the United States. Is the only agency in Massachusetts accredited to place children with families in other countries. Offer free, confidential counseling to expectant parents. Assists with allowable pregnancy-related living expenses (rent, food, etc.) as well as resource referral, help with medical services, medicaid/other, housing, food resources, legal advice, childbirth and parenting education, and education/training options.

Address: 39 Main St

Address 2: 3rd Floor

Address 3: Northampton, MA, 01060


Main Phone: (800) 452-3678

Operating Agency: A Full Circle Adoptions
Abortion Rights Fund of Western Mass.

Provides zero-interest loans for safe legal abortion to women without financial resources or Medicaid. Client decides how to repay the loan. Sponsors advocacy and educational activities about abortion and reproduction rights. Have clinics within Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Address: PO Box 2162

Address 3: Amherst, MA, 01004-2162

Main Phone: (413) 582-3532

Operating Agency: Abortion Rights Fund of Western Mass.
Alcoholics Anonymous Western Mass. Intergroup Office

AA Meetings offered by the following (Please see site for dates and times): Newman Center, 472 N. Pleasant Street Immanuel Lutheran Church, 867 N. Pleasant Street, Amherst Grace Church, 14 Boltwood Avenue, Amherst First Congregational Church of Amherst, 165 Main St. Amherst

Address: 474 Pleasant St

Address 3: Holyoke, MA, 01040

Main Phone: (413) 532-2111

Operating Agency: Alcoholics Anonymous Western Mass. Intergroup Office
American Civil Liberties Union/Mass. Chapter

Advocate of individual rights litigating, legislating, and educating the public on a broad array of issues affecting individual freedom in the United States. Defend basic constitutional liberties to ensure free speech and freedom of the press, freedom from discrimination (on the basis of race, gender and sexual orientation), religious liberty and the privacy rights of ordinary Americans, and the rights of working people to privacy and dignity on the job.

Address: 39 Main St

Address 3: Northampton, MA, 01060

Main Phone: (617) 482-3170

Operating Agency: American Civil Liberties Union/Mass. Chapter
American Red Cross Pioneer Valley Chapter…

Provides emergency food, shelter, and clothing to disaster victims. Have information on where blood can be donated. Offer training in first aid, CPR/AED, swimming and water safety, caregiving etc. Can relay urgent messages between U.S. service members and their families, support military and veteran health care facilities. Volunteering opportunities available.

Address: 150 Brookdale Dr

Address 3: Springfield, MA, 01104

Main Phone: (413) 737-4306

Operating Agency: American Red Cross Pioneer Valley Chapter
Amherst College Counseling Services

Provides counseling and psychotherapy to Amherst College students on a voluntary and confidential basis.

Address: 14 Hitchcock Rd

Address 2: Scott House

Address 3: Amherst, MA, 01002


Main Phone: (413) 542-2354

Hotline: (413) 542-2354

Operating Agency: Amherst College
Amherst Community Development Department

Provides child care information and referral services to families seeking childcare in Amherst, as well as, information regarding financial assistance for low and moderate-income families.

Address: 4 Boltwood Ave

Address 2: 2nd floor

Address 3: Amherst, MA, 01002


Main Phone: (413) 259-3074

Operating Agency: Amherst Community Development Department
Amherst Health Department

Here you can report Housing Code Violations. Resources include a public health nurse, Latino Outreach-Breast and Cervical Health Education, Immunization Clinic, Tobacco Addiction Support, Community Health Education, Temporary Handicap Parking Stickers (Amherst only). COVID-19 Information: There is information on vaccination and testing on their website.

Address: 70 Boltwood Walk

Address 3: Amherst, MA, 01002


Main Phone: (413) 259-3333

Operating Agency: Amherst Health Department
Amherst Human Rights Commission

Promote the Town of Amherst’s Human Rights Policy, to insure that no person shall be denied any rights guaranteed pursuant to law on the basis of race or color, gender, physical or mental ability, religion, sexual preference, age etc. for all persons coming within the Town of Amherst. You can file a formal complaint at their website.

Address: 4 Boltwood Ave

Address 3: Amherst, MA, 01002

Main Phone: (413) 259-3009

Operating Agency: Town of Amherst
Amherst Survival Center

The Free Store offers items like clothing, housewares, blankets, toys, etc. For specialty items, such as furniture or computers, please speak with the Free Store Coordinator. The Kitchen offers fresh foods, such as fruits, vegetables, breads and cakes. Hot, nutritious meals are also offered. Everyone is welcome. Please see the site for dates and times. The Food Pantry offers non-perishable and frozen foods for individuals and families. Requires proof of address and proof of income. Volunteers opportunities available. Support Services (For the homeless/those without healthcare) offered include a case manager to work with homeless consumers, Salvation Army services for vouchers for basic needs, prescriptions, clothing, etc., and a free drop-in Health Clinic.

Address: 1200 North Pleasant St

Address 3: Amherst, MA, 01059


Main Phone: (413) 549-3968

Operating Agency: Amherst Survival Center
Amherst Town Recreation Department

Offer a wide array of arts, activities, sports, swimming, after school and summer camps, and educational programs for children, adolescents, and adults.

Address: 170 Chestnut St

Address 2: Suite 1

Address 3: Amherst, MA, 01002


Main Phone: (413) 259-3065

Operating Agency: Town of Amherst
Amherst Writers & Artists

A not for profit that offers creative writing workshops to support the voices of writers, to free silenced and marginalized voices, and to promote respect for the artist in all writers through the use of the AWA method

Address: PO Box 1076

Address 3: Amherst, MA, 01004


Main Phone: (413) 253-3307

Operating Agency: Amherst Writers & Artists
Austism Connections

Offer services including support groups for people with aspergers or autism, support in applying for DDS eligibility, and programs for both children and adults. They also offer Educational Advocates who can guide you through educational law and the educational system.

Address: 116 Pleasant St

Address 2: Suite 366

Address 3: Easthampton, MA, 01027

Main Phone: (413) 529-2428

Operating Agency: Austism Connections
Behavioral Health Network Franklin/Hampshire Services

Individual and Community Living Supports provide hourly support to adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities living on their own in the community. Helps individuals live on their own safely and be as productive in the community as their skills allow them to be.

Address: 518 Pleasant St

Address 3: Northampton, MA, 01060

Main Phone: (413) 747-0705

Operating Agency: Behavioral Health Network
Behavioral Heath Network

Behavioral Health Network provider of comprehensive behavioral health services for adults, children and families. They offer services in the following areas: addiction and recovery, emergency services, counseling and wellness, and intellectual and developmental services.

Address: 417 Liberty Street

Address 3: Springfield, MA, 01104

Main Phone: (413) 246-9675

Hotline: (413) 733-6661

Operating Agency: Behavioral Heath Network
Belchertown Family Center

Offers drop in playgroups for caregivers and children 0-5 years of age. Monday thru Friday from 9:30-12:30.

Address: 51 State St

Address 3: Belchertown, MA, 01007


Main Phone: (413) 835-5201

Operating Agency: Belchertown Family Center
Belchertown Housing Authority

Offer three different types of public housing programs: Elderly, Disabled, and Family. Eligibility for housing is based on age, disability, family size, and income. Applicants must be 60 years of age or older to be eligible for elderly housing. Disabled applicants need to submit the doctors verification form to be eligible for disabled housing.

Address: 41 Everett Ave

Address 2: OFC. 24

Address 3: Belchertown, MA, 01007


Main Phone: (413) 323-4064

Operating Agency: Town of Belchertown
Best Buddies Massachusetts

Provides opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Serves people with Down syndrome, autism, Fragile X, Williams syndrome, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury and other undiagnosed disabilities. Volunteering Opportunities available.

Address: 401 Main St

Address 2: Suite 15

Address 3: Amherst, MA, 01002


Main Phone: (413) 259-1914

Operating Agency: Best Buddies Massachusetts
Cancer Connection Inc.

Offers free of charge support and programs to those living with a cancer diagnosis as well as their families. Hold mindfulness and self-care classes (yoga, meditation, etc.), exercise and physical activities. Provide recreational activities like arts, crafts, and gardening. Volunteer Opportunities available.

Address: 41 Locust St

Address 3: Northampton, MA, 01060


Main Phone: (413) 586-1642

Operating Agency: Cancer Connection Inc.
Center for New Americans

Offer free English classes in Amherst, Greenfield, and Northampton, basic computer skills training, and tutors. Immigration assistance with application review, green card renewal, bringing family members to live in the US, change from non-immigrant to immigrant status, remove conditions on your status based on marriage. Assistance looking for work, general resources, and referrals for immigrants.

Address: 42 Gothic St

Address 2: James House

Address 3: Northampton, MA, 01060


Main Phone: (413) 587-0084

Operating Agency: Center for New Americans