Our Work

We are proud to offer a variety of free services and programs to the UMass Amherst, Five College and Hampshire County communities including:

Information & Referral 

We offer many services but if we don't offer the exact service you need, we can help you find who does. You can search our online database, call us, or come visit the center and one of our trained staff members will assist you in locating the Hampshire County resources you need.   Our free services are open to anyone, confidential, and available in English and Spanish.

Community Education Image of Clothesline Project

We offer a variety of workshops and trainings on sexual violence prevention, healthy relationships, relationship violence, bystander intervention and related topics.   We also host educational events, promote violence prevention related campaigns, and present related displays to throughout the Five Colleges. 

General Counseling 

We provide an important alternative to women seeking counseling services. Many women don't define issues they are dealing with as mental health issues and seek counseling from a perspective that recognizes the particular stresses they experience as women while building on their strengths.  When appropriate, we make referrals to community agencies and therapists in private practice. Feel free to contact us for referrals.Image of Wounded Heart Project

Hampshire County Rape Crisis

We also provide confidential crisis services for survivors of all gender expressions in the Hampshire County and Five College Community (including Specialized Services for Teens).  We support survivors of rape; sexual assault; childhood sexual abuse; stalking; domestic violence; emotional, psychological and verbal abuse. Additionally, we are available to support survivors’ friends, family members, and significant others.  Rape Crisis Services are available 24 hours, 7 days/week to provide support, information, crisis intervention, and medical and legal advocacy.  Learn more about our Crisis Services.

Women of Color Leadership Network

We are also the proud home of the Women of Color Leadership Network.