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Come view the inspiring and innovative stories of seven amazing UMass Amherst students from across campus. Their stories will leave you motivated to make a positive change in yourself and in your community.

Science and the Public: Gaps in Information and Communication: View Aastha's talk to learn about her research on BPA & BPS and the impact these chemicals have on our lives.


The Power of Throwing Your Name Into the Hat: View Colleen's talk to learn about how she took risks and responded to being the only woman in male-dominated spaces.



 What Am I Afraid Of? View Jennie's talk to learn about her journey to understand her own white privilege and how she became an advocate for social change.



Overcoming Self Doubt as an Undergraduate: View Thomas' talk to learn about how he found community within the field of environmental justice and came to recognize his value as a contributor.



An End To My Research Misconceptions: View Alexia's talk and learn about her research on sustainable energy and how its connected to equitable distribution of wealth.



Creating My Own Soundtrack: View Emma's story to learn about how she overcame the challenges of adjusting to college life in her first year at UMass.


From First Base to HomeView Quinn's story to learn about her journey and growth as a student athlete at UMass.




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“Be the Good” is about creating community. As we redefine community in this time of social distancing CWC would like to highlight the people who are embodying “Being the Good” in their physical and digital communities. Share your stories on #BTGCWC or send them directly to us on social media.