Support Groups

We provide various support groups both in person and virtually. Topics of support groups vary as does the length in which they are run. Examples of some of our previous groups include
  • Check in Before You Check Out: Drop-in group as you need.  
  • Vicarious Trauma: Caring for others while also caring for yourself.
  • Therapeutic Journaling Using writing as a method of healing. 
  • On the Mend: Mend your clothes while mending yourself. 
  • Healing Racial and Gendered Violence: Learn and practice strategies to heal from racial and gendered violence. 
  • Queer Relationships for the New Year: We explore how identity, conflict, and microaggressions impact you and your partners.
  • Game-based Healing: Using games and play as a pathway of healing.


Spring 2024 Support Groups for Survivors of Sexual Violence Spring Survivor Support Groups Free Confidential Virtual

Our Drop in groups are free, confidential, and virtual. 

  • Survivors of all gender identities: Fridays 3-4:30pm
  • Survivors who identify as BIPOC. Mondays 3-4:30pm

For more information and/or to register, call 413-545-0883 and press 2