Support Groups

We provide various support groups both in person and virtually. Topics of support groups vary as does the length in which they are run. Examples of some of our previous groups include
  • Check in Before You Check Out: Drop-in group as you need.  Weekly participation optional. 
  • Vicarious Trauma: Caring for others while also caring for yourself.
  • Therapeutic Journaling Using writing as a method of healing. 
  • On the Mend: Mend your clothes while mending yourself. 
  • Healing Racial and Gendered Violence: Learn and practice strategies to heal from racial and gendered violence. 
  • Queer Relationships for the New Year: We explore how identity, conflict, and microaggressions impact you and your partners.
  • Game-based Healing: Using games and play as a pathway of healing.


Spring Session Support Groups

For more information on Support Groups and to register, call 413-545-0883 press 2

Real Talk Real Support

Real Talk, Real Support

Open To: Those who identify as BIPOC

Online: No

This BIPOC group offers you the opportunity to talk about and gain support surrounding complex relationships with yourself, your person, and your community. So come join us! Registration and weekly participation is required.


Healing Racial and Gendered Violence: A support group for women-identified students of color

Healing Racial and Gendered Violence

Starting February 16th and goes on till April

Open To: Women-identifying and Non-Binary individuals of color
Location: 127 New Africa House

A supportive drop in space for women and non-binary POC to discuss issues important to them, from racism and discrimination to intergenerational trauma, to colorism, and other internalized oppression, to healing and other topics that are requested by the participants. One does not need to commit to attending all sessions. You can drop in for any session you choose. Sign-in is required upon arrival.

Real Talk Real Support

Male Survivor's Group

Open To: Those who identify as male
A space for male identifying survivors to get the support they need during their healing process.

Love with Nowhere to go

Open To: Everyone
A space for those suffering from grief and symbolic loss.

Real Connection in the Digital World

Open To: Everyone
How social media can affect our mental health and changes the way we interact with the world.