Safety Planning

Our SASA staff are trained to offer individualized, culturally sensitive safety planning with clients, catered to each survivor’s unique situation. Safety planning can cover topics such as online safety, school or workplace safety, safety in the home, as well as many other areas. Examples of questions we may consider while safety planning are: 
  • Does this person know where you work? Have you told anyone at work what is going on? 
  • Are you a student? What supports are available to you at school? 
  • Does this person know any of your online passwords, or have access to your online accounts such as banking, email, or social media? 
  • What support systems do you have in your life? Who is aware of what is going on? 
Safety planning is an ongoing process, and staff can work with survivors to consistently review and update their safety plan to ensure it is as effective as possible. You are the expert on your experience, and our staff can provide tools and support in planning for your short- and long-term safety.