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Welcome to the Center for Women and Community

We are a multicultural campus-based center established in 1972. We offer many services to meet the needs of the diverse cultural and linguistic populations of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Five Colleges and surrounding Hampshire County community.

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Our Mission

To provide innovative and informed education, leadership opportunities, advocacy and support services that address the cause and impact of sexism and recognize the multiple oppressions experienced by women. We serve people of all gender identities within the diverse communities of Hampshire County, the Five Colleges and the University of Massachusetts.

Our Vision

To be a nationally recognized leader in achieving gender equity by building the capacity of the community to interrupt, address and transcend sexism and its connection to all forms of oppression.

Our History

1972-2012: Everywoman’s Center 

2012- 2022: Center for Women & Community (CWC) In 2012, we changed our name to better reflect the work that we currently engage in: serving all genders, the campus, and the larger community.

 CWC 40th Anniversary Poster

2023- Present: Celebrating our 50th Anniversary!

Our Values

  • Center for Women & Community is a place where people of all identities partner to build a culture of gender equity on campus and in the community.
  • We use a strength based, empowerment model in our work with individuals and communities.
  • We promote and value women’s leadership and contributions.
  • We recognize that the oppression of women impacts us all.
  • We strive to reflect the rich diversity of our community in our programming, service models and staffing.
  • We are committed to establishing and maintaining respectful and effective collaborative relationships.
  • We affirm and model a sustainable life balance for our staff.
  • Our services are guided by the principles of social justice and are provided free of charge.
  • We honor the land grant mandate of the University by increasing access to education, training and resources to the broader Hampshire County communities.

Our SASA and Counseling Services Values

  • Our general counseling services offer an alternative to traditional mental health models.
  • Sexual and domestic violence is perpetuated against individuals of all gender identities and consequently our sexual assault prevention and support services are open to anyone impacted by interpersonal violence.
  • Our sexual assault prevention and support services are trauma informed and survivor-centered and are open to anyone impacted by personal violence.

Our Funding

We receive our funding from: the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Town of Amherst (Grant No. 2017-WE-AX-0009); Town of Belchertown (Grant No. 2017-WE-AX-0012); the Five College Consortium INC.; the MA Department of Public Health: and by the MA Office of Victim Assistance (through American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Coronavirus State Recovery Funds. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the Center for Women & Community and do not necessarily reflect the views of MADPH, MOVA, USDOJ OVC or OVW.