Polymer Science & Engineering: Technologies Available for Licensing

Docket No.sort descending Lead Inventor(s) Invention/Technology Patent Status
UMA 06-22 Todd S. Emrick, Ph.D. Deoxybenzoin-based Anti-flammable Polyphosphonate and Poly(arylate-phosphonate) Copolymer Compounds US Patents 7,863,400 and 8,158,742 Issued
UMA 07-03 Gregory N. Tew, Ph.D. Rapid, Sensitive and Selective Sensors for Ionic Mercury US Patent 8,431,406 Issued
UMA 08-50 George Huber, Ph.D. Production of Hydrogen, Liquid Fuels, and Chemicals from Catalytic Processing of Bio-Oils US Patent 8,741,258 Issued
UMA 12-21

Craig T. Martin, Ph.D.

UMA 13-047 Todd S. Emrick, Ph.D. Anti-flammable Compounds and Adhesive Materials Patent Pending
UMA 14-017 Thomas P. Russell, Ph.D. Stablizing Liquid Drops ofof Arbitrary Shapes by the Interfacial Jamming of Nanoparticles Patent Pending
UMA 14-018 Derek R. Lovley, Ph.D. Monitoring Subsurface Microbial Activity in Real Time Patent Pending
UMA 14-045 Maria M. Santore, Ph.D. Economical Surface Treatment for Harvesting Epithelial Cells from Biological Fluids Patent Pending
UMA 15-016

Vincent M. Rotello, Ph.D.

Stable, Biocompatible and “Green” Protein Films for Antifouling, Antimicrobial and Tissue Engineering Applications Patent Pending
UMA 15-031 Alan Lesser, Ph.D. Processable Polymers and Polymer Foams Made Without Organic Solvents Patent Pending
UMA 15-046

Vincent M. Rotello, Ph.D.

An Efficient Intracellular Delivery Vehicle for the CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing System and Other Proteins Patent Pending
UMA 15-047

Todd Emrick, Ph.D.

Polymeric Interlayer Boosts Performance of Organic Solar Cells Patent Pending
UMA 15-051 Barbara Osborne PhD (UMass) and Katherine Knight PhD (Loyola) Bacterial Polysaccharides for Inflammatory Disease Patent Pending
UMA 15-057

Vincent M. Rotello, Ph.D.

Efficient Cytosolic Delivery of siRNA Using Nanoparticle-Stabilized Nanocapsules Patent Pending
UMA 15-063 Vincent M. Rotello, Ph.D. Polymeric Nanocapsules for Efficient Intracellular Delivery of Theraputic Proteins Patent Pending
UMA 15-067 Scott C. Garman, Ph.D. An Engineered Monomeric Version of Human Alpha-Galactosidase for the Treatment of Fabry Disease Patent Pending
UMA 16-009 Vincent M. Rotello, Ph.D. Nanoparticle-Stabilized Microcapsules for Effective Treatment of Bacterial Biofilms Patent Pending
UMA 16-015 Vincent M. Rotello, Ph.D. Polymeric Nanocapsules for the Treatment of Biofilms Patent Pending