Part II

Part II of CUMIRP is structured so that a single company can support targeted research with a faculty member (or team of faculty) having related expertise and a post-doctoral employee(s) or graduate student(s). CUMIRP Part II can be viewed by industry Sponsors as the University extension of their own research and product development programs, in which Sponsors and University researchers collaboratively design projects to meet the Sponsor’s unique needs and objectives, while leveraging access to the University’s comprehensive equipment and facilities and building relationships with faculty. Sponsors of Part II research pay the associated costs of conducting the project, and have a first option to obtain an exclusive license to any resulting University patent. Part II members are invited to attend CUMIRP and MRSEC lectures, meetings and symposiums, and memberships can accommodate visiting industrial researchers. CUMIRP Part II is the preferred format for Sponsors desiring to achieve directed results while preserving their rights to access and commercialize outcomes of the developed technology. Part II Sponsors also have the option to join a Part I Cluster at a 40% reduction in dues.