Teaching Development


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Midterm Assessment Process (MAP)

The MAP is a confidential and voluntary service that CTL provides to instructors to enable them to get student feedback on a course while the course is in progress. 

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Lilly Teaching Fellowship

A program that enables promising faculty to cultivate teaching excellence in a year-long collaboration. Compensation of a $7,000 grant to fellow's home department plus $5,000 for fellow's research trust fund after completion of all fellowship activities. Open to full-time tenure-track faculty (or tenured for no more than one year) and early-career non-tenure-track faculty on continuous appointment.

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TIDE Ambassadors (Teaching for Inclusiveness, Diversity, & Equity)

Through this year-long fellowship program, faculty explore how they can enhance students’ learning and academic success across cultural, social, and learning differences by adopting a strength-based, inclusive, and equitable approach to teaching and learning grounded in the value of diversity. Open to all full-time faculty.

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Contemplative Pedagogy

CTL supports the integration of contemplative pedagogy (CP) into course design and teaching. CTL's Contemplative Pedagogy Working Group, which meets monthly during the academic year, welcomes instructors at all career stages across the disciplines.



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CTL offers a customized process to enable individual instructors and departments, schools, and colleges to study their own teaching as a means to improve student learning.

Forward FOCUS

Forward FOCUS (Feedback on Course Understanding and Skills) is an end-of-course survey developed by the UMass Center for Teaching and Learning.

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CTL offers evidence-based workshops on a wide variety of topics that are open to all faculty, post-docs, and graduate students. In addition, CTL works with various units on campus to produce discipline- and topic-specific programming.

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Department Coaching and Facilitation

CTL provides facilitation, coaching, and specialized workshops upon request of departments and colleagues on campus.

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eCampus FAST Adoption Tool

Faculty use the eCampus FAST Adoption Tool to indicate the course materials for their classes. Faculty may also use the eCampus Fast Tool to search for new textbook options and for Open Education Resources.

Grants for Teaching Development

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Grants for Teaching Development

There are three grants available for teaching development; Flex Grants, Periodic Multo-Year Review (PMYR) Grant, and the Open Education Initiative.

Teaching Awards

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Teaching Awards

There are three honor awards for teaching available; the College Outstanding Teaching Award (COTA), the Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA), and the Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

Videos and Resources

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Flexible Course (Re)Design Modules

The CTL is here to support you in effectively designing or re-imagining your courses, regardless of whether you teach in a face-to-face, face-to-face/blended or fully online configuration, through our Flexible Course (Re)Design modules.

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Fundamentals of Faculty Development

CTL has developed an asynchronous, online, non-credit course, LLCAR 125: Fundamentals of Faculty Development: Essential Knowledge and Skills for Evidence-Based Teaching, to help you develop an understanding of the field of faculty development and build practical skills, that you can apply in your own academic setting.  


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Teaching Tips

Learn teaching tips on lecturing, study skills, materials and textbooks, inclusive learning,team/group learning, writing assignments, and more.


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Faculty Voices

Watch colleagues videos as they tell their stories of implementing student-centered practices in their disciplines. What’s your teaching story?

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Teaching Development Videos

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has produced a series of short videos on student-centered course design that may serve as a helpful introduction to college teaching for new faculty or a way for experience faculty who are often not formally trained to further develop their practices.