Strategies for Responding to Microaggressions

We live in divisive times, which may increase the likelihood that people will be targeted or witness microaggressions. Our classrooms, labs, and other spaces shared by students and instructors are no exception to that.  If left unaddressed, microaggressions negatively impact the learning climate and can hurt students’ engagement, their sense of belonging and academic success.

Join co-facilitators Neena Thota (CICS) and Kirsten Helmer (CTL) for an interactive session that will offer you opportunities to explore strategies, approaches and interventions for responding more effectively to microaggressions when they occur.

Please note that this workshop is for those who are already familiar with the concept of microaggressions and is building on a previously offered introductory workshop to the topic.

Workshop Goals

  • Share and reflect on strategies that move us from reacting to responding to microaggressions.
  • Learn why it matters to distinguish between intent and impact.
  • Use brief case scenarios to practice ways for taking action when faced with a microaggression.

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Event date: 

Thursday, November 05, 2020 -
11:30AM to 12:45PM

Event location: 

Zoom meeting - Link will be provided