Reflection: Designing Forward by Thinking Back

In this module, you will strategically reflect on the successes and challenges of spring 2020 so that you can efficiently design a flexible and inclusive course for the fall.

Specifically, by the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Articulate strengths of your teaching in face-to-face and remote instruction
  • Identify where to focus your efforts on redesign for fall
  • Describe how concrete examples from UMass faculty experiences can inform a flexible course design

This module can be viewed as a standalone resource, or as part of the sequence of modules listed on the CTL website. In particular, by completing this module you will have a better sense of where you want to focus in subsequent modules.

Each module is organized by the framework:

  1. WATCH a short video that will guide you through your reflection of the spring 2020 semester.
  2. EXPLORE additional resources on reflection.
  3. DO something with what you’ve learned by completing the Flexible Course Planner for this module. 
  4. TOOLS for use in your classroom.



In this 9-minute video, CTL staff member Colleen Kuusinen talks about why and how you can design for a flexible fall 2020 [:10] by reflecting back on the spring. You’ll also hear some UMass faculty talking about their successes [4:19] and challenges [6:32] of spring 2020 instruction. You can discover additional information on reflection and using student feedback to inform your course design by navigating to our EXPLORE section below this video.

Click here to view the Reflection Video Transcript.


Other Reflection Activities

Using Student Feedback and Performance to Improve Instruction

Reflections on Remote Teaching Shared by UMass Faculty


We developed the Flexible Course Planner (formatted in Microsoft Word) to guide and scaffold your course (re)design and allow you to apply directly what you are learning. By using this planning document, you will end up with many parts of your (re)designed course in place. 

We offer the planner in two ways:

  1. You can download the section for this Reflection Module; or
  2. You can download the entire Flexible Course Planner with all of the modules represented.

If you have any questions our would like to talk through a “pinch point” solution, please contact the CTL at


The following tools were mentioned by UMass faculty in the Reflection video.

Please contact the CTL with any questions you have about Flexible Course (Re)Design at