Midterm Assessment Process (MAP)


(We have currently reached capacity for the number of MAPs we can conduct during the Fall 2019 semester. Please check this page in late January 2020 to request a MAP for a spring semester course.)


What is a MAP?

The MAP is a confidential and voluntary service that CTL provides to instructors to enable them to get student feedback on a course while the course is in progress. The process begins with a CTL consultant visiting one of your classes during Weeks 4-9 of the semester to confidentially collect student feedback, analyze and synthesize the data, and then meet with you to discuss the student feedback, highlight the teaching approaches you are using that support student learning, and identify ways to make timely adjustments to the course.



What are the benefits of doing a MAP?

By doing a MAP, instructors will gain insights into their teaching and how students learn in their classes, as well as identify specific strategies to improve their instruction. Student also benefit from participating in a MAP: they are given opportunities to examine their assumptions about teaching and reflect on their learning. Past participants in the MAP noted that the experience helped to open up a dialogue with their students on teaching and learning, increased the level of trust between student and teacher, and contributed to an effective learning environment.



How does the MAP work?

  1. At the start of the semester, CTL contacts faculty with a link to the MAP registration form. Faculty request one MAP per semester on a first come, first served basis.
  2. In the registration form, you will provide information about your course, upload your course syllabus, and suggest three potential dates for a CTL consultant to visit your class and collect student feedback.
  3. A CTL consultant will email you to confirm the date of your MAP and schedule your post-MAP consultation at which you will review the data and provide more details about the process.
  4. Closer to the date of your MAP, your CTL consultant will reach out to confirm the time and location and ask you to let your students know that they will be participating in the MAP.
  5. On the day of the MAP, the consultant will meet you at your class location at the beginning of the class time and will ask you to introduce the consultant to the students.
  6. The consultant will ask you to leave the room for approximately 20 minutes in order to collect confidential feedback from your students.
  7. Approximately 1 week after your MAP, you will meet with your consultant to discuss the feedback and explore teaching strategies and resources.
  8. We suggest that you acknowledge the MAP feedback with your students the next time you see them, noting key takeaways, and any changes to the course you plan to implement, if appropriate.


For more information about the MAP program, please contact Beth Lisi.