Keep Teaching

Welcome! Our Keep Teaching site provides practical concrete strategies and examples to answer common questions faculty have when transitioning a course (or components of a course) online. These strategies are grounded in educational research and the science of learning.

We have grouped these common faculty questions by categories that reflect the University Quality Standards for Fully Online Courses. In addition, we have linked to some of our Flexible Course (Re)Design Modules within these categories.

If you would like to discuss any of these strategies in further detail, please feel free to schedule a consultation with the CTL.


How Do I Balance Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning?

How Do I Compassionately Support Students During Times of Disruption?

What Should I Do The First Week(s) To Help Students Succeed in My Online Class?

How Do I Involve TAs in Online Learning?

How Can I Support Students if My Class Gets Zoombombed?

How Do I Support Students Who Are in Circumstances Where Their Speech and Privacy Might Be Limited?

Content Delivery

How Do I Make Videos That Students Want to Watch?

How Do I Chunk Content to Increase Learning?


How Do I Best Engage Students During Synchronous Class Sessions?

How Do I Keep My Students Engaged in Large Online Classes?

How Do I Design Successful Online Group/Collaborative Work Assignments?

How Can I Effectively Integrate Various Discussion Formats into My Course?

Flexible Course (Re)Design Module: Engagement

How do I Use Note Catchers to Support Online Active Learning in Groups?

Should We Require Students to Turn on Their Cameras During Synchronous Sessions (e.g., Zoom)?

Faculty-Student Communication

How Do I Show Teaching Presence in Online Courses?

Syllabus Template (includes Faculty Senate Requirements)


Flexible Course (Re)Design Module: Assessment & Feedback

How Do I Design Online Exams?

How Do I Incorporate Writing Assignments in My Online Class?

How Do I Support Students in Maintaining Academic Integrity?

Teaching for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Flexible Course (Re)Design Module: Inclusive & Equitable Teaching

Inclusive Syllabus Template