Keep Teaching

Together we can get through this disruptive time if we take methodical steps, adjust our expectations, and tell ourselves that the disruption is temporary. Remember to take care of yourself, and encourage your students to take care of themselves, too. This guide is designed to help instructors plan to teach remotely in as thoughtful a way as possible. 

Teaching Consultations 

Make an appointment: CTL is offering individual scheduled teaching consultations to faculty. Please complete our consultation request form and a CTL consultant will be in contact with you. If have any questions, feel free to email

Forward Focus

For information on the voluntary and confidential course feedback method developed by the CTL, visit our Forward FOCUS webpage.

Assistance with Remote Learning Technology 

The IDEAS group provides assistance for remote learning technologies, including Moodle, Blackboard, Echo, Zoom, and other UMass-supported instructional software. To contact them, email or Or visit their drop-in Zoom sessions Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm. You can also get IT help by visiting: 

Resources for Remote Teaching 

Getting Started 

Communicating with Students 

Getting Ready to Teach Remotely 

Teaching with Empathy and Compassion During Times of Crisis 

Course (re)Design 

Prioritizing Learning Goals and Activities 

Teaching Large Classes Remotely 

Accessing Course Materials and Textbooks 

Learning Environment 

Social Presence While Remote Teaching 

Instructional Strategies 


Online Discussions 

Students Working Remotely in Groups 

Fostering Student Participation in Remote Learning Environments 

Assessing Learning 

Assessing Learning and Providing Feedback 

Exams, Papers, and Presentations 

Academic Integrity and Honesty in Remote Teaching and Learning