Am I required to use the Forward FOCUS?


No, participation in Forward FOCUS is voluntary and confidential; the student responses obtained through Forward FOCUS are available only to the faculty member teaching the course.


Why would I use the Forward FOCUS? 


The Forward FOCUS is designed to get specific feedback from students on course activities and experiences and to inform the instructor about ways to redesign or “tweak” the course as it is taught in the future—whether face-to-face or online. Students give feedback on how valuable they found different course activities, what they learned, what was helpful in supporting their learning, what changes they would make, and what activities or tools in the course worked well for them.


Is the survey anonymous?


Yes, the Forward FOCUS surveys for Moodle and Blackboard are set to be anonymous.


I imported the FOCUS into my Moodle course, and now my course sections have disappeared. Help!


Do not fear! There is a quick fix for that and nothing will be lost. In the Moodle guide, see directions for “Troubleshooting Missing Course Sections.” Alternatively, this brief video below shows you how to import Moodle into your course and restore missing or orphaned course sections after import [2:48].



Download the transcript for Importing FOCUS into Moodle and Troubleshooting Missing Course Sections

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Can I add, change, or delete questions on the survey?


Yes. You can customize the survey to get specific feedback from your students that you consider most relevant. We suggest that you don't add many new questions because students are more likely to complete a shorter survey. Rather, replace existing questions and/or delete questions which are not important to your teaching / course. For help modifying questions about the value of course activities, download this Moodle Forward FOCUS question design tip sheet or view these guidelines to implementing and modifying FOCUS. You may also reach out to for additional support. 


I teach 4 classes, but I only want to use the Forward FOCUS in one class. How do I do that?


Moodle: You can decide the specific classes in which you want to use the Forward FOCUS. You will then import the FOCUS into each Moodle course site or shell for which you wish to include in the Forward FOCUS. 


Blackboard: On the registration form (open 3/25), you must provide the CTL with the SPIRE ID# for each section/course in which you want to use the survey. CTL will add the Forward FOCUS to the Blackboard course for you.


Is this survey appropriate for graduate-level seminars? 


Yes. The survey can work for a variety of classes, and you can customize it to fit your needs. See our Guidelines page for documentation on how to add, delete, or modify questions.


I don’t teach in Moodle or Blackboard. How can I get access to the Forward FOCUS?


We suggest that you create the anonymous survey in a survey platform with which you are familiar. A PDF version of Forward Focus is available, and you can email for a Word document version of the survey. Contact if you have questions about the different types of survey tools you can use.


How will my students access the Forward FOCUS?


Follow the Blackboard-specific guide or the Moodle-specific guide to make the survey available to your students. 


How do I see student responses? 


Once you have closed the survey to students, you can view student responses directly in Moodle or Blackboard. See the last section on “Viewing your Responses” in your guide. 

In addition, we strongly suggest that you consult with us as you make sense of student responses and think through what that means for future iterations of the course. You can email or fill out this consultation request form


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