Flexible Course (Re)Design Modules

The CTL is here to support you in effectively designing or re-imagining your courses, regardless of whether you teach in a face-to-face, face-to-face/blended or fully online configuration, through our Flexible Course (Re)Design modules.

Our modules are structured so you can reflect on your prior instruction, reimagine your course outcomes and structure, develop appropriate assessments and engagement activities for any setting, and teach inclusively and equitably.

This graphic depicts the sequence we hope faculty will take to work through the modules, beginning with reflection, followed by outcomes and structure, assessment and feedback, engagement, and inclusive and equitable teaching.

Each module is organized by the framework:

  • WATCH an overview video of the module topic with examples and strategies.
  • EXPLORE additional resources.
  • DO something by downloading and completing the Flexible Course Planner. This document guides and scaffolds your course (re)design and allows you to apply directly what you are learning.
  • TOOLS associated with the topic that are supported by the UMass IDEAS Team.

Some of you might wish to poke around the modules, skimming through the contents and selecting those that feel most relevant. Others will choose to engage with the modules in order. The choice is yours. However you proceed, we encourage you to reflect on the strengths and challenges of your past courses and use that knowledge to inform your design choices. If you feel you already have a well-designed course and it only needs some adjustments for flexible modalities in course delivery, jump to those aspects of the modules that you think will be most beneficial. Consider your own unique teaching needs.

To ensure accessibility of our content, we have provided a transcript for each module video. Please let us know if you have any problems accessing the information provided in the modules. We also welcome any constructive feedback you may have that would make the modules a better learning experience for you.

We hope that you will leave this learning journey excited, knowing that (re)designing your course for flexible course delivery will enhance and benefit the learning of all your students!

Flexible Course (Re)Design Modules

Reflection Icon Reflection
Outcomes & Structure Icon Outcomes & Structure
Assessment & Feedback Icon Assessment & Feedback
Engagement Icon Engagement
Inclusive and Equitable Teaching icon Inclusive & Equitable Teaching

Please contact the CTL with any questions you have about Flexible Course (Re)Design at ctl@umass.edu