Flash 15: Analytic Teams

Flash 15: Analytic Teams

Do you find students get stuck using surface-level skills when trying to engage in analytical thinking? Analytic Teams is a collaborative learning technique that develops analytical skills by putting students in groups in which each student assumes a role needed for critical analysis. In this 15-minute micro session video, you’ll learn about analytic teams, how you would implement the technique in your teaching context, and the modifications you could make to make this technique fit your teaching needs. Below the video you'll find a link to our interactive Analytic Teams Planning Tool that you can use to implement this strategy in your own course.

Flash 15: Analytic Teams Video


Flash 15: Analytic Teams Planning Tool

The Analytic Teams Planning Tool walks you through the logistical questions you'll need to answer in order to implement this activity effectively. After answering the questions, a plan will be emailed to you with sample directions you can adapt and customize to your class. You can use this planning tool as many times as you want to implement analytic teams in your classes. 

Use the Analytic Teams Planning Tool



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