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Hear colleagues tell their stories of implementing student-centered practices in their disciplines. What's your teaching story?

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Haivan Hoang on Power and Difference

"I take a student-centered viewpoint, really trying to affirm what students bring to the class.  And with that there is definitely, for me, a consideration of power relations—socially among students and of course between instructor and students." –Dr. Haivan Hoang, Associate Professor, English


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Paul Dennis on Collaborative Learning

"So what if I teach them how to...choreograph a dance but they can't apply the same critical rules when going to their English lecture, or to their physics class or environmental science course.  I believe that college is there to do that for students." –Paul Dennis, Associate Professor, Dance.


Jason Hooper on Collaborative Learning

"The first time I gave the course I was running into problems that I never had to solve before. The second time I felt like I had pretty good answers for those problems. And finally about the third time I felt it all kind of jelled" –Jason Hooper, Senior Lecturer, Music and Dance


Scott Auerbach on Collaborative Learning

"The way to engage students is to do it from Day 1...and they are ready to be engaged. But we can't wait; we have to do it as soon as we possibly can." –Dr. Scott Auerbach, Chemistry


Stephanie Purington on iCons

"It is not about diving in and giving them an opinion or an answer; it's about asking questions to help lead them to their own ideas, to lead them to their own path." –Stephanie Purington, PhD candidate in Education and iCons Teaching Assistant


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Megan Lewis on Collaborative Learning

To understand what I think about collaborative learning, you have to understand what I think about theater.” –Dr. Megan Lewis, Assistant Professor, Theater