SoTL Working Group

W. E. B. Du Bois Library - Room 2601

Meet other UMass folks interested in and working on projects related to the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) while developing your knowledge and practice of SoTL. No sign up required, but request to join the SoTL Working Group Google Group / listserv [need to be logged into UMass google account] if you want a reminder email and to stay connected to group members.

Topic: This week we'll talk about AI tools and ways SoTL can contribute to ongoing conversations.  Here are some suggested resources to review prior to coming to the session to learn more about AI tools.:

  • From UMass's Torrey Trust, SoTL Working Group member, brief one page fact sheet, longer presentation, and blog article from her and Robert Malloy. What privacy issues are critical to understand and to help students think through for themselves?  How can we inspire that critical thinking?  What ideas for assignment design seem critical and feasible for spring? 
  • AI will augment, Not Replace” from Marc Watkins at the University of Mississippi who taught a course integrating AI intentionally in Fall 2022. How can this help us approach the spring and any SoTL studies, particularly thinking about the speed things are changing and what is known/unknown?
  • A resource on assignment design from Montclair University and another on writing from UCF. What seems doable? Are there any strategies here that bring up concerns of accessibility, inclusion, and/or universal design for learning? 

General meeting schedule: The first part of the meeting is discussion-based and appropriate for those who are not currently conducting a SoTL study. Around 11 am, we will transition to open work time. Some choose to continue small group or paired discussions at that time, while others prefer to work independently. You are welcome for all or part of the morning. Continental breakfast with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate served in Library 2601.
Format: While this meeting is primarily designed for in-person connection and discussion, we do have a hybrid set up available and you may Zoom in to this meeting. For more information and the Zoom link, please email Colleen Kuusinen.