Moving Beyond Teaching Ideas and Learning Anecdotes: Developing a SoTL Research Question


We observe all sorts of interesting and sometimes puzzling phenomena as we teach—student interpretations we did not anticipate, work that surpasses or falls short of our expectations, patterns of behavior that we have not had time to systematically investigate. How do we turn these observations and anecdotes into inquiries that deepen the student experience and excite scholarly engagement with our classroom teaching?
The first step is to design a compelling research question grounded in your teaching experience, goals, and observations. This workshop will launch you into that first step by providing you with resources, reflective questions, and space for discussions that will help you develop a research question grounded in a problem worthy of (and feasible for) investigation in your classroom.
This workshop is strongly suggested for those considering applying to the January SoTL Sprint, as many of the activities completed in this workshop can be turned in with the application. If you cannot attend the workshop, you may also register in order to get a copy of the recording and materials for the application.