Generative AI Playground and Reflection Session: Crafting Effective Prompts for AI Tools in Education

Online: Zoom link will be provided upon registration

Join us for a focused and enriching session that will allow you to try out some of the most popular generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, Claude2, and Bing Image Creator for education-related purposes and tasks.
We will begin the session with a brief overview on how to craft effective prompts for these AI tools. Learn key strategies that will help you get useful generative AI outputs for your educational needs. To maximize our limited time, we will provide a set of curated scenarios that align with common educational tasks and challenges. These scenarios will serve as a framework for you to test out some prompt-writing techniques and to experiment with the AI tools in a guided setting.
Following the hands-on activities, we'll transition into a discussion segment to share experiences and insights. By participating, you'll gain both a practical skill set for crafting prompts and have the opportunity to reflect on and discuss your experiences in a facilitated setting.
Join co-facilitators Kirsten Helmer (CTL) and Dan Cannity (IDEAS) for a thought-stimulating session!

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