Gather to Grade

Meet the teaching equivalent of a writing accountability group. This focused, hybrid co-working space allows you to carve out dedicated time to giving feedback on student work while connecting with the CTL and colleagues across campus. Grading together can provide accountability, motivation, and community for a traditionally solitary activity. Stumble across a tricky grading question? A CTL consultant will be there to provide one-on-one support. 

Join in person at the CTL in Bartlett 312 or on Zoom.

Coffee, tea, and snacks will be provided.

Gather do Grade logo

1:30-1:45 - Mingling, sharing goals

1:45-2:55 - Individual work time

2:55-3:00 - Wrap up


Always on Mondays:

Feb 26 - Register here.

March 25 - Register here.

April 8 - Register here.

April 29 - Register here.

May 13* - Register here (*this event occurs at a different time: 10-11:30AM)