ChatGPT and Generative AI Discussion Group: Share Out: Introducing AI Tools in a First-Year Seminar to Foster Responsible Usage

Online: Zoom link will be provided upon registration

As we continue to delve into the ethical and practical dimensions of generative AI use in academia, we recognize the importance of proactive education. This discussion session will feature a special share-out from one of our facilitators who recently conducted two class sessions on "Learning to Use AI Tools for Learning" with their first-year seminar students.

  • Designed for educators—including faculty, librarians, graduate teaching assistants, and administrators—this session aims to provide:
  • An overview of the class sessions' content and structure.
  • The rationale behind offering these educational modules at a pivotal time in the semester.
  • Insights into what content may be most relevant to present to students.
  • Reflections on the outcomes and areas for improvement.

Join this session to gain insights into designing class sessions that introduce AI tools responsibly and to discuss considerations related to educating students on AI tools.
We will explore these questions:

  • Can proactive education about responsible AI usage serve as a preventive measure against misuse?
  • How can the timing of introducing such educational modules impact student behavior and academic integrity?

Join co-facilitators Kirsten Helmer (CTL) and Dan Cannity (IDEAS) for a thought-stimulating session!
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