ChatGPT and Generative AI Discussion Group: Reflection and Projection: A Conversation About Our AI Journeys

Online: Zoom link will be provided upon registration

Join us for the closing session of this semester as we reflect on our AI journey together. We envision this session to be a reflective and forward-looking forum, where we will delve into our personal experiences with AI over this last year.
We invite you to share your discoveries, insights, and knowledge you have acquired. This is a unique opportunity to reflect on the evolving role of AI in your academic and professional journeys. We'll explore key questions: What aspects of AI have intrigued you the most? How has your perception of AI's potential in higher education shifted? What challenges and opportunities have you encountered?
Looking ahead, this session will also offer you an opportunity to voice your curiosities and questions. What is burning on your mind regarding AI in higher education? What areas would you like to delve deeper into? What developments in AI do you foresee impacting higher education? How can we collectively prepare to embrace these changes?

Your input will be instrumental in shaping the direction of our future discussions in the spring semester.
   Participant Learning Outcomes:
   • Enhanced understanding of personal and collective experiences with AI in education.
   • Clarity on individual and group learnings, curiosities, and anticipations regarding AI.
   • Contributing to a shared vision for the future of AI in higher education.
   Join co-facilitators Kirsten Helmer (CTL) and Dan Cannity (IDEAS) for a thought-stimulating session!
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