Engaging with Content

Engaging with Content

Advice on how to create engaging content and how to prompt students to engage with the content you choose for your courses.

Sticky notes arranged by different topics.

Increase your students' ability to learn by delivering course content in sequenced chunks.

Photo of book

Faculty can utilize an array of strategies to support course learning outcomes and increase student engagement with assigned readings.

The word lecture written on a notepad.

Memorable lectures emphasize key concepts and connects them to what students know, have a structure, and allow time for processing.

cartoon image of computer camera and smiling face on screen

You can use the videos you create to connect with your students, communicate with them, teach, and engage them.


Taking a test

Strategies and advice for designing exams and written assignments, as well as ensuring academic integrity. 

Students in a group discussing.

Includes topics on getting your class off to a good start, and facilitating group work and effective discussions.

Students working at a table.

Strategies for communicating inclusive course expectations, designing for a diverse student body, and supporting student belonging.

Chat bubble

Addresses topics related to course preparation, including syllabus creation and setting expectations for students.