eCampus FAST Adoption Tool

Instructors and departments are using the eCampus FAST Adoption Tool to enter textbooks and other materials.  A link to the eCampus FAST Adoption Tool is located on the SPIRE home page.

A "how to" guide is available.

For technical support in using eCampus please visit UMass eCampus.

While faculty are required to use the FAST tool to submit textbook information, they are not required to utilize the eCampus Virtual Bookstore for their textbook orders.  Faculty however may find that there are advantages for both themselves and their students in doing so and in ordering their textbooks early:

  • eCampus is our official university virtual bookstore and provides a full range of services for faculty including the acquisition of desk copies, assistance in identifying new course materials and textbook options, and help in evaluating various affordability options for student
  • Online support for both students and faculty is maintained by an eCampus tech support team that works directly with UMass to provide assistance on textbook orders. This support team is familiar with the needs of the university community and members of the team visited campus this fall to provide workshops for faculty and staff in using the FAST tool.
  • eCampus provides students with access to new, used or rental print textbooks as well as digital textbooks and resources. Free shipping is provided to students’ on-campus or permanent home addresses as well as to two on-campus locations located in the Campus Center and in the Southwest Residential area.
  • The eCampus Textbook Team communicates directly with publishers to assess and monitor textbook availability and will communicate directly with faculty if there are any difficulties in acquiring titles.
  • Ordering textbooks early will facilitate lower textbook costs for students. eCampus will operate buy-back options on campus for students at the end of each semester and will offer returned textbooks at a discount in the future as used or rental textbooks.  Early ordering will also facilitate eCampus in acquiring sufficient quantities of textbooks within a more competitive pricing structure.
  • eCampus is working to further reduce student costs by partnering with the library to support a variety of options for faculty to use in locating and ordering open education resources.