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Claire Hamilton 2019
301E Goodell Building

Claire E. Hamilton

Associate Provost and Director of CTL
Claire E. Hamilton is the Associate Provost and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). She is also an associate professor in the College of Education.
Mei-Yau Shih headshot 2018
301 Goodell Building

Mei-Yau Shih

Associate Director
Mei develops and oversees campus-wide teaching initiatives, provides consultations to faculty, conducts program assessments, and is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies.
Brian Baldi headshot 2018
301H Goodell Building

Brian Baldi

Assistant Director and Senior Lecturer
Brian serves as the organizational lead for CTL’s Lilly Fellowship Program for Teaching Excellence, conducts midterm assessments and teaching consultations, co-founded the Contemplative Pedagogy Working Group, and assists with the Mellon Mutual Mentoring Initiative and other teaching and faculty development programs.
Kirsten Helmer headshot
301J Goodell Building

Kirsten Helmer

Director of Programming for Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity and Lecturer
Kirsten develops and oversees the programming for intercultural teaching and faculty development. She is available for one-on-one and group/departmental consultations focused on course design, curriculum development, assessment methods, and teaching strategies related to multicultural education, antioppressive pedagogies, intercultural competence, inclusive and culturally responsive teaching, and facilitating difficult dialogues. She also conducts midterm assessments.
Bethany Lisi head shot
301D Goodell Building

Bethany Lisi

Assistant Director and Lecturer
Beth serves as the organizational lead for CTL’s Midterm Assessment Process (MAP) and the Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA), provides consultations on syllabus and course design, active learning techniques, assessment design, and incorporating visuals into instructional practices, and is an adjunct instructor in the Department of Educational Policy, Research, and Administration.
Colleen Kuusinen_2020_Headshot
301C Goodell Building

Colleen M Kuusinen

Educational Developer and Lecturer
Colleen is an Educational Developer and Lecturer with the Center for Teaching and Learning. She provides consultations and workshops to the campus community on pedagogy and the scholarship of teaching and learning and conducts midterm assessments.

Mary Deane Sorcinelli

Senior Fellow
Mary Deane serves as liaison between CTL and the Bay View Alliance (BVA) and consults on several program initiatives. She served as Associate Provost, Professor of Educational Policy, and Founding Director of the Center for Teaching & Faculty Development, 1988–2014.
Michele Vanasse 2020 Headshot
301 Goodell Building

Michele Vanasse

Educational Developer and Lecturer
Michele serves the CTL as an educational developer and lecturer, providing Midterm Assessments, consultations, and other professional development opportunities for faculty. With over twenty-five years of educational experience in both the K12 and higher education sectors, Michele has a passion for teaching, learning, and faculty development.
Susan Laford head shot
301B Goodell

Susan Laford

Program Coordinator & Business Manager
Sue assists the Associate Provost/Director of CTL with financial planning, including the preparation, processing, and management of all personnel actions and financial records. She coordinates the payout of all awards, fellowships, and mini grants. She offers administrative support to all CTL programs, is the main contact for the College Outstanding Teaching Award (COTA) program and is responsible for the coordination of CTL's daily operations.

Kathleen De Los Santos

Administrative Assistant
Kathie plans events for CTL and serves as an assistant to the Director. In addition, she oversees CTL’s calendar of events and is the administrative point person for the Distinguished Teaching Award, the Manning Prize and the Flex Grant. As the first point of contact with CTL, Kathie provides information about our workshops and programs.
Vanessa Kehler
301 Goodell Building

Vanessa (Van) Kehler

Communications & Program Coordinator
Under the direct supervision of the Director of CTL, Van is responsible for the website programming content related to instructional support, evaluations and reporting. She also provides CTL communication with the campus community.