SoTL Sprint

SoTL Sprint

SoTL Sprint - all you need is an idea


Design a Course-based Research Study 

January 18-21, 2022

Center for Teaching and Learning 

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Do you have questions that you want to explore about your teaching and your students' learning? Join a team of enthusiastic colleagues for an energizing week to fast-track an idea into a scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) research study that you can implement as early as this spring semester. All you need to join is an idea or compelling problem that you want to investigate, and a course that you will be teaching in which to do the investigation. Space is limited to 8 faculty to ensure team cohesion and individualized attention.  

What is a sprint? 

A sprint is a focused, energizing, and results-oriented cycle of work occurring over a few days.  Rather than spend too much time considering, debating, or generating ideas, sprints encourage you to run with one idea and produce a product. For the January SoTL Sprint, this means that you will choose an area of inquiry in your teaching or a specific course and turn that into a SoTL research study that could be implemented as early as Spring 2022. This session will focus on using the course materials that are, or can be, embedded in a course you are already teaching for your research study, creating less work for you and your students (the study participants).  

You will leave this SoTL Sprint with:  

  • A study designed and ready to implement 

  • A completed Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol, including student consent form and required attachments, ready to submit for review 

  • A new accountability group of peers to help you continue the momentum of your SoTL project into the future 

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What’s my commitment? 

The daily meeting schedule is 10 A.M. – 1 P.M. to help you maintain your pace in designing your study; however, on some days there is built-in flexibility where you decide how to allocate your time and attention. The Sprint Schedule (right) details the activities scheduled for each day. Sprinters are expected to attend the synchronous whole group sessions (in gold) on the scheduled days. 

Though we have built in work time to the SoTL Sprint, to reach the finish line by Friday, you will likely have to schedule some additional time to work on your project. To keep your momentum, deliverables are due at 5 P.M. the same day or 9 A.M. the next morning, depending on what meets your needs. 

How do I know if I’m ready for a SoTL Sprint? 

All you need is an idea. Ideas typically come from some problem that you have seen in your classroom. Following Randy Bass, we consider problems as rich sites of inquiry, not necessarily things that need fixing. Once you can articulate your problem, your team will help you turn that problem into an area of inquiry and a research question. By the end of Day 1, you’ll be ready to start designing a study around your research question.

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Space is limited to 8 faculty to ensure team cohesion and individualized attention. Sign up today!  If you have further questions, please email Colleen Kuusinen at the CTL (