Forward FOCUS


Request the Forward FOCUS for Spring 2021 (Requests for Spring 2021 have closed)

 Guidelines for Departmental Administration of Forward FOCUS for Spring 2021

Forward FOCUS (Feedback on Course Understanding and Skills) is an end-of-course confidential survey designed to give

an instructor concrete and actionable student feedback to aid in fine-tuning courses for optimal student learning and engagement.



Developed by the UMass Center for Teaching and Learning, Forward FOCUS is: 



  • Forward-looking: Which aspects of the course should remain whether the course is taught face-to-face or online?  
  • Focused on student understanding and opportunity for skill development: What were the most valuable things that students learned in your course? 
  • Actionable: Which course activities were most valuable for students this semester? What changes would improve their learning experience?  
  • Modifiable: You can add, delete, or modify questions to fit your course.

Forward FOCUS is available to distribute to your students through Moodle and Blackboard.


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Forward FOCUS in the News

  • UMass Advance leadership team members Ethel L. Mickey, Dessie Clark, and Joya Misra wrote an article for Inside Higher Ed in which the CTL’s Forward FOCUS was mentioned as one way that UMass has responded to the pandemic to equitably support faculty.
  • The Forward FOCUS, in conjunction with the voluntary SRTI developed by the OAPA, was one of 5 finalists for the Innovation Award by the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network in Higher Education. See all finalists on the conference webpage.