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Contemplative Pedagogy

The Institute for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development (TEFD) supports the integration of contemplative pedagogy (CP) into course design and teaching through individual consultations, a Contemplative Pedagogy Working Group, and occasional events for instructors. Please see below for a variety of resources supporting CP.

UMass Amherst CP Working Group

The Contemplative Pedagogy Working Group, comprised of instructors at all career stages across the disciplines, meets monthly during the academic year to share resources, discuss CP readings, and compile best practices in CP course design and teaching. To join the CP Working Group mailing list, please email Brian Baldi.

UMass Library CP Subject Guide

For a list of local community resources, films that employ contemplation, research databases, and more, please see the UMass Library Subject Guide for Contemplative Pedagogy.

UMass Courses Using Contemplative Pedagogy

NRC 100: Environment and Society, "The (Slow) Incorporation of Contemplative Practices into My Courses," Lena Fletcher, Environmental Conservation

STOCKCH100: Botany for Gardeners, "Contemplative Practice in Sustainable Food and Farming," Sarah Berquist, Stockbridge School of Agriculture

Honors 201: Ideas that Change the World: Our Experiments with Truth, Nicole Nemec, Commonwealth Honors College.

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Leadership Development Training, Shalini Bahl and Kevin Harrington

SocBehav 391P-01: Peer Advising Seminar, Timothy Beaucage, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

SRVCLRNG 192: Self-Awareness, Contemplation and Social Justice, Katja Hahn D'Errico, Service Learning

CP Syllabus Database

Center for the Contemplative Mind

Classroom Exercises

"How to Meditate FAQ: A Definitive Guide for a Gratifying Practice," by Tara Brach
Contemplative Practices for Anti-Oppression Pedagogy, collected by Beth Berila, St. Cloud State University
‚ÄúPractical Strategies for Deep Reflection,‚ÄĚ by Iddo Oberski, Queen Margaret University.
‚ÄúContemplative Exercises,‚ÄĚ by Hal Roth and Tori Smith, Brown University
‚ÄúFostering Attention,‚ÄĚ by Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching (video)


Contemplative Learning & Inquiry Across Disciplines, by Olen Gunnlaugson, Edward W. Sarath, and Charles Scott
Contemplative Practices in Higher Education, by Daniel Barbezat and Mirabai Bush
Contemplative Studies in Higher Education: New Directions for Teaching and Learning, by Linda Sanders
The Heart of Higher Education: A Call to Renewal, by Parker J. Palmer, Arthur Zajonc, and Megan Scribner
Meditation and the Classroom: Contemplative Pedagogy for Religious Studies, by Judith Simmer-Brown and Fran Grace
Meditation as Contemplative Inquiry: When Knowing Becomes Love, by Arthur Zajonc
Teaching Mindfulness: a Practical Guide for Clinicians and Educators, by Donald McCown, Diane Reibel, and Marc S Micozzi


The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society maintains an archive of webinars on contemplative pedagogy, with focus on social justice, legal education as multicultural inquiry, the neuroscience of somatic attention, contemplative pedagogies and geosciences, the science of meditation, and more


The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry


‚ÄúBringing Mindfulness into Higher Education,‚ÄĚ by Richard S. Ellis (UMass Amherst Professor of Mathematics and Adjunct Professor of Judaic Studies)
"Contemplative Education: a Systematic, Evidence-based Review of the Effect of Meditation Interventions in Schools," by Lea Waters et al. Educational Psychology Review, 103-134.
‚ÄúContemplative Practices in Higher Education: the Hard Task of Not Doing,‚ÄĚ by Robert Chmielewski.
‚ÄúThe Mindful PhD,‚ÄĚ Nancy Chick
"Reason in the Service of the Heart: The Impacts of Contemplative Practices on Critical Thinking," by David Sable, The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry, 1(1), 1-22.

Teaching Centers with CP Resources/Programming

Brown University, Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning
Montclair State University, Research Academy for University Learning
Northeastern University, Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning Through Research
University of Arizona, Office of Instruction and Assessment
University of Southern California, Center for Excellence in Teaching
University of Virginia, Teaching Resource Center
Vanderbilt University, Center for Teaching  
Wake Forest University, The Teaching and Learning Center
Yale University, Teaching Center


Brown University Contemplative Studies
Mindfulness Awareness Resource Center

Higher Education Meditation Resources

UMass Religious and Spiritual Life Meditation Group
UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
Center for Contemplative Mind in Society


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