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Lilly Fellowship Program for Teaching Excellence

A competitive award program with a long history at UMass Amherst that extends back to 1986, the Lilly Fellowships enable promising junior faculty to cultivate teaching excellence in a special year-long collaboration. Each year, eight to ten teaching fellows are selected to work closely with the Institute for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development (TEFD) on individual projects that typically involve developing or redesigning a course. Lilly Fellows assess their instruction and their students' learning through classroom visits, a review of course materials, and student feedback. Fellows also attend an annual retreat and regular monthly seminars on college teaching organized by TEFD, and work with a senior faculty mentor to anticipate many of the challenges and rewards of teaching. The Fellows' home departments will receive a $7,000 grant to defray the costs of release time and Fellows will receive a $7,000 transfer to their research trust fund after successful completion of the fellowship activities to support ongoing course development activities over the summer.

For nomination and application materials, see here.

Please refer all questions to Brian Baldi.

Current And Past Lilly Teaching Fellows

Please click on the academic years below for a list of past Fellows and their mentors:

Name Department
Zlatan Aksamija Electrical and Computer Engineering
G. Bradley Bennett Accounting
Jasmine Kerrissey Sociology
Jennifer McDermott Psychological and Brain Sciences
Alexandra Meliou Computer Science
Mazen Naous English
Rodrigo Zamith Journalism


Name Department
Jane Anderson Anthropology
Andrew McGregor Computer Science
Jesse Rhodes Political Science
Britt Rusert Afro-American Studies
Felipe Salles Music & Dance
Adrian Staub Psychology
Angela Willey Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
Melissa Wooten Sociology


Name Department
Angelica Bernal Political Science
David F. Boutt Geosciences
Maya Eddon Philosophy
Jenna Marquard Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Gerome Miklau Computer Science
Rachel Mordecai English
Claudio Moreira Communication
Christian Rojas Resource Economics


Name Department
Andrew Donson LLC/German
Ernesto Garcia Philosophy
Mwangi wa Gïthïnji Economics
Young-Cheul Kim Nutrition
Demetria Shabazz Communication
Svati P. Shah Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
Mila Sherman Finance/Operations Mgmt.
Janine Solberg English


Name Department
Amel Ahmed Political Science
Deepak Ganesan Computer Science
Jeanne Hardy Chemistry
José Angel Hernández History
Wei-Lih Lee Biology
Mario Ontiveros Art
Lisa S. Scott Psychology
Diana Yoon Legal Studies
Mentors: Joye Bowman, Wayne Burleson, Alex Deschamps, Richard Halgin, Raymond La Raja, Danny Schnell, Patricia Wadsworth, Susan Whitbourne


Name Department
Sanjay Arwade Civil & Environmental Engin.
Ana Caicedo Biology
Amanda Johnson Anthropology
Jennifer Lundquist Sociology
Steve McKelvey Sport Management
Christine Rogers Public Health
Tony Tuck Classics
Marinos Vouvakis Electrical & Computer Engin.
Mentors: Barry Braun, Glenn Caffery, Alex Deschamps, Olga Gershenson, Dennis Goeckel, Beth Jakob, Sut Jhally, Linda Isabell


Name Department
Mark D. Corner Computer Science
Jeffrey Davis Chemical Engin.
Dayo Gore Women's Studies
Christopher Potts Linguistics
Lisa Sanders Psychology
Millicent Thayer Sociology
Emily West Communication
Adam Zucker English
Mentors: Dennis Goeckel, T.J. "Lakis" Mountziaris, Joye Bowman, Andrew McCallum, Elizabeth Connor, Stephen Clingman, Naomi Gerstel, Richard Halgin


Name Department
William Bartosch Health, Policy & Management
Emery Berger Computer Science
Paula Chakravartty Communication
Suzanne Daly English
Carey Dimmitt Student Dev./Pupil Personnel Serv.
Elizabeth Dumont Biology
Ramgopal Mettu Electrical & Computer Engin.
Timothy Rohan Art/Art History


Name Department
Peggi Clouston Natural Resources Conservation
Nilanjana Dasgupta Psychology
Thomas Hilbink Legal Studies
Miliann Kang Women's Studies
Bing Liang Finance & Operations Mgmt.
Andrew McCallum Computer Science
KerryAnn O'Meara EPRA
Jeffrey Podos Biology


Name Department
Anne Broadbridge History
Anne Ciecko Communication
Beth Jakob Psychology
Kevin Klement Philosophy
Pablo Pomposiello Microbiology
Srirupa Roy Political Science
Tilman Wolf Electrical & Computer Engin.
Siman Wong Math & Statistics
Mentors: Audrey Altstadt, Anne Herrington, Sut Jhally, Ken Kitchell, Karen List, Albey Reiner, Richard Rogers, and Arnie Rosenberg


Name Department
Elizabeth Bertone Johnson Biostatistics & Epidemiology
Dominica Borg Theater
Jason DeJong Civil & Environmental Engin.
Julie Hemment Anthropology
Joseph Krupczynski Art & Art History
Brian Levine Computer Science
Timothy Randhir Natural Resources Conservation
Banu Subramaniam Women’s Studies
Mentors: Elizabeth Connor, Richard Halgin, Kathleen Hancock, Julie Graham, Hanlyn Davies, Bill Vining, Richard Rogers, and Patricia Wadsworth


Name Department
Stephen Harris English
Linda Isbell Psychology
Rolf Karlstrom Biology
Betsy Krause Anthropology
Nathalie Lavoie Resource Economics
Mari Paredes Communications
Blair Perot Mechanical & Industrial Engin.
Russell Tessier Electrical & Computer Engin.
Mentors: Lila Gierasch, Laetitia La Follette, Tom Lardner, Karen List, Janet Rifkin, Bill Vining, Stella Volpe, and Rex Wallace


Name Department
Aviva Ben-Ur Judaic & N.E. Studies
Barry Braun Exercise Science
Debby Good Vet. & Animal Science
David Mednicoff Legal Studies
Sara McComb Finance & Operations Mgmt.
Steven Reising Electrical & Computer Engin.
Erica Scharrer Communication
Prashant Shenoy Computer Science
Mentors: Joyce Berkman, Gerry Epstein, Robert Hallock, Jim Kurose, Randy Phyllis, Janet Rifkin, Linda Slakey, and George Wade


Name Department
Christine Cooper English
Chris Duncan Geosciences
Debbie Felton Classics
James Gladden Sports Studies
Dennis Goeckel Electrical & Computer Engin.
Susan Porter Accounting
Damon Revelas Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Admin.
Elsbeth Walker Biology
Mentors: Julie Caswell, Elizabeth Connor, Laura Doyle, Jim Kurose, Julius Lester, Mzamo Mangaliso, Bill Vining, and Stella Volpe

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