Update 10/26/2021

Hours: Mon: 12-5, Tue: 12-4, Wed: 12-8, Thurs: 12-8, *Fri: 11-8
Capacity Limits: 7 members; Walk-ins welcome
Reservations: In order to secure a reservation, please email craftctr@umass.edu 24 hours prior to visit.  Please submit a reservation for yourself only.  If you would like a friend to join you, have them submit their own reservation for the same time period you are reserving.  Note: Reservations for Mondays must be emailed by 12pm on the preceding Friday.
Time Limits: 1.5 hours per visit
*Fridays: We are holding low capacity (3 members) hours from 11am-1pm on Friday mornings

Any early closing hours (for workshops/events or 3 day weekends) will be posted on our Instagram account.