Health Tech for the People (HT4P)

The focus of this new thrust is the ethics of technology and accountable, human-centered design, evaluation and translation of health monitoring technologies for the public interest. This research thrust incubates interdisciplinary and community-led teams and technologies in the domains of aging care and reproductive health.

Draws on expertise and existing collaborations across and beyond IALS/CPHM, including partnerships with the Public Interest Technology initiative, the Center for Nursing and Engineering Innovation, the Center for Community Health Equity Research, the Massachusetts AI & Technology Center for Connected Care in Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease and the Computational Social Science Institute.

The thrust serves as a resource and consultation space for all of IALS and CPHM, offering interdisciplinary and community-directed expertise for IALS researchers and innovators on human-centered design and the ethics of tech and engagement with community partners/co-creators.

Co-Leads: Ravi Karkar (CICS), Rae Walker (Nursing)

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