The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Testing and Analytics

Research related to signal processing, feature extraction, data transmission, data mining, and archiving for individual sensors and networks of sensor systems. Development of analytic and informatics methods for translation of data to diagnostics leading to actionable metrics for improving health and prevention of adverse events. Development of computationally efficient algorithms embedded within mobile and wearable sensor devices. Products include continuous monitoring of biometric and biomarkers having on-board data reduction analytics to minimize storage and transmission requirements.

Richard Van Emmerik
Motor control and coordination
Leadership Team
Jane Kent
Research in the Muscle Physiology Lab
Steering Committee
Sunghoon Lee
Steering Committee
Qiangfei Xia
Emerging nanoelectronic devices, Nanofluidic channels, Hybrid nano/CMOS systems
Steering Committee
Wayne Burleson
Personalized Health Monitors, Security and Privacy in Health Care
Lisa Chasan-Taber
Diabetes and exercise during pregnancy, health disparities, hispanic pregnant women
Stuart Chipkin
Diabetes, metabolism, endocrinology, cardiovascular risk, public health
Rosie Cowell
Memory and visual perception
Xian Du
engineering, scale up of advanced manufacturing processes from lab to industry
Neil Forbes
Cellular mechanisms that give rise to drug resistance in tumors
Susan Hankinson
Role of endogenous hormones in the etiology of breast cancer
Elizabeth A. Henneman
Patient safety, eye-tracking, nurse/MD decision-making
David E. Huber
Recognition/recall memory, testing effects, metamemory, letter/word perception
Mark Miller
Skeletal muscle function at the cellular and molecular levels
Katherine W. Reeves
Cancer epidemiology, women's health, breast cancer, endocrine disruption
Vincent Rotello
Nanomaterials in therapeutics and diagnostics
John Sirard
Measurement and promotion of youth physical activity, wearable sensors, influence of social and phys
Adrian Staub
Language processing; reading; eye movements; computational models of cognition
John Staudenmayer
Statistical methods to estimate physical activity
Lisa M. Troy
Diet, chronic disease
Catrine Tudor-Locke
Walking, gait speed, personal monitoring, step counting, ambulation
Brian W. Whitcomb
Reproductive/perinatal epidemiology, epidemiologic methods
Guangyu Xu
Nano/Micro-fabrication, VLSI design, Bioelectronics, Cell imaging, Lab-on-a-chip, Microfluidics