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Test Bed

Autonomous Intelligent Patch Sensors for Sweat-Based Biomarkers.   In this test bed the capabilities of the CPHM are demonstrated by the development of a low cost, fully capable microfluidic sensor platform for monitoring fatigue and cognitive state in humans.  Initial designs focus on a passive sensor that when interrogated reveals elevated levels of cortisol or Orexin A.  Future designs focus on analysis of multiple markers, on-board monitoring of levels against baselines, autonomous power, and self-reporting capabilities when elevated levels of biomarkers are detected.  Enhanced capabilities will initially be achieved using hybrid integration strategies for Si-chip based components and progress to fully printed components as enabled by center research.  Sensor performance will be validated against both industry and DoD platform benchmarks. These initial projects under IALS/CPHM are funded by the DOD supported NanoBioManufacturing Consortium and the NSF Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing, and are providing the platform for a series of biomarker sensors for physiological and disease assessment.

James J. Watkins
Macromolecular templates for functional device structures
Leadership Team
Steering Committee
Trisha L. Andrew
Wearable electronics
Steering Committee
Ken Carter
Synthetic polymer chemistry, high resolution patterning, nanoscience and nanotechnology.
Steering Committee
Xian Du
engineering, scale up of advanced manufacturing processes from lab to industry
Byung Kim
Roll to Roll High Aspect Ratio Nano Patterning, SERS
Vincent Rotello
Nanomaterials in therapeutics and diagnostics

Test Bed

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Ken Carter
Polymer Science and Engineering
(413) 577-1416