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Youngbin Kwak

In the Neuro Learning & Performance Lab, we focus on how humans learn, adjust and make decisions within a new environment. In particular, we’re interested in how these abilities change across the lifespan and what the neural and physiological underpinnings of these behaviors are. Within this effort, we use interdisciplinary approaches including neuroimaging (fMRI and EEG) and physiological measures (eye tracking) in children, adolescents and in adults.

Learn more: www.kwaklab.com/

Academic Background

  • BS Seoul National University 2004
  • PhD University of Michigan 2011
  • Postdoctoral training: Duke University 2011-2014
Kwak, Y., Chen, X., McDonald, K., Pearson, J., Boutin, B. (2019). Money for me and money for friend: An ERP study of social reward processing in adolescents and adults. Social Neuroscience.
Chen, X., McCarthy, M. & Kwak, Y. (2019). Contribution of sensorimotor beta oscillations during value-based action selection. Behavioral Brain Research. 368:111907.
Walsh, F., Cheries, E. & Kwak, Y. (2019). Incentive hope and the nature of impulsivity in low-SES individuals. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 42: e55.
Kwak, Y. & Huettel, S.A. (2018). The order of information processing alters economic gain-loss framing effects. Acta Psychologica. 182: 46-54.
Kwak, Y., Kwon, J., Yun, K., Jeong, J., Huettel, S.A. (2018). Money for us vs. money for them: cross-cultural differences in sensitivity to rewards for ingroup and outgroup. Culture and Brain. 6(1): 36-52.
Chen, X. & Kwak, Y. (2017). What makes you go faster?: the effect of reward on speeded action under risk. Frontiers of Psychology. Decision Neuroscience. 8: 1057.
Kwak, Y., Payne J., Cohen, A., Huettel, S.A. (2015). The rational adolescent: strategic information processing during decision making revealed by eye tracking. Cognitive Development. 36:20-30.
Contact Info

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
135 Hicks Way, Tobin Hall
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

(413) 545-0144