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Yeonsik Noh

Assistant Professor

Our research has been focusing on the development of wearable health monitoring devices and systems for the personalized home/mobile/ sports healthcare in daily life. Our future research will be focused on the next generation personalized healthcare and health management strategy/ system based on Nursing Engineering approach to proper diseases and symptoms management. The Nursing Engineering is a new multidisciplinary research, which will be intensively focusing on the healthcare field based on both Nursing and Engineering, and we believe Nursing Engineering will be playing roles to integrate existing cutting-edge technologies and the latest methodologies for healthcare purposes to Nursing field, and to provide practical and personalized healthcare services for patients in the future. Our latest research is focusing on the development of a biometric device for underwater application by using hydrophobic polymer electrodes and the development of the body sensor network for the underwater application. This research will contribute to the monitoring/ analysis of bio-related parameters and evaluation of the rehabilitation during underwater exercise, diving and something like underwater activity.

My current research involves wearable electrical and chemical sensors, health monitoring system for underwater environment, enabling Battery-less Wearable Sensors via Intra-Body Power Transfer and lead-less wearable electrocardiogram monitoring devices.

Learn more at: https://people.umass.edu/ynoh/

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College of Nursing & Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Skinner Hall 128/ Knowles Engineering Building 306
651 N Pleasant St, Amherst, MA 01003
Amherst, MA 01003-9292

Office: (413)-545-5022