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Ryan C. Hayward


Assembly of polymer and particle-based nanostructures; mechanics and instabilities of soft active materials

Current Research
Our work focuses on tailored nanoscale assemblies of polymers and nanoparticles, and on stimuli-responsive materials that can be dynamically reconfigured to change their structures and properties. With regards to personalized health monitoring, we have developed a variety of new approaches to nano- and micro-scale sensors for chemical, biomolecular, and mechanical cues, for example, based on photonic multilayers based on photo-crosslinkable copolymers, and on mechanical buckling instabilities of soft polymer films. We are interested in developing fundamentally new sensing modalities, and on integrating them with other micro-scale platforms, including microfluidic systems and microelectromecanical (MEMS) devices.

Learn more at www.pse.umass.edu/rhayward/

Academic Background

  • BSE Princeton University, 1999
  • PhD UC Santa Barbara, 2004
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Contact Info

Polymer Science & Engineering
A314 Conte Research Center
120 Governors Drive
Amherst, MA 01003

(413) 577-1317