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Joyita Dutta

Associate Professor

Dr. Dutta’s research interests include applying cutting-edge deep learning knowledge for (1) medical image enhancement, e.g., PET image denoising and super-resolution, (2) disease diagnosis/prognosis, e.g., forecasting the spatiotemporal trajectories of tau deposition in Alzheimer’s disease, and (3) biomarker discovery, e.g., using deep learning to discover novel sleep-based predictors of age-related cognitive decline and dementia. 

Current Research

Dr. Dutta directs the Biomedical Imaging and Data Science Laboratory (BIDSLab) at UMass Amherst, which develops machine learning and signal processing techniques to solve biomedical problems. Her research encompasses a broad array of biomedical data types including (1) images (e.g., positron emission tomography – PET and magnetic resonance imaging – MRI), (2) time series (electroencephalography – EEG, electrocardiography – ECG, and accelerometry), and (3) graphs (structural and functional networks of the human brain). A sizable part of Dr. Dutta’s current research effort is directed toward the development of innovative deep learning tools for Alzheimer’s biomarker discovery and progression modeling with support from a variety of federal (including NIH R01, R21, and R03), foundation, and corporate awards.

Learn more at umass.edu/engineering/about/directory/joyita-dutta

Academic Background

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2011-2013, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
  • PhD 2011, University of Southern California, Electrical Engineering
  • MS 2006, University of Southern California, Electrical Engineering
  • BTech 2004, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering
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Contact Info

Biomedical Engineering
S615 Life Science Laboratories
240 Thatcher Road
Amherst, MA 01003-9292

 (413) 545-0390