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Amanda Paluch

Assistant Professor School of Public Health & Health Sciences

Academic Background

The Ohio State University, B.S.

University of South Carolina, PhD

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Postdoctoral Fellowship

Current Research

The 10,000-steps-a-day mantra grew out of a 1960s marketing campaign for a Japanese pedometer, with no science to back up the impact on health. I am leading the Steps for Health Collaborative of an international group of physical activity epidemiologists where we are working to build the scientific evidence on how many device measured steps we need for health benefits. Additionally, I have several projects in collaborating with clinicians and industry partners to improve prediction of health (such as frailty and cardiovascular risk) among older adults. The goal is to better monitor and promote health and supporting independent living at home.

Research Interests

I am a physical activity epidemiologist and kinesiologist with a focus on advancing the measurement of physical activity using wearable technology. I have expertise in applying physical activity and fitness measurement in the setting of observational epidemiologic studies or as a tool for interventions. My research focuses on populations at high risk or at early stages of chronic disease. My long term goal is to reduce the burden of chronic diseases through technology assisted physical activity monitoring and promotion that can be disseminated through clinicians and population level efforts.


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